TED Talks

Today was the third class in the six-week course I’m taking at the Senior College. Each week, we watch a TED Talk chosen by the instructor and then discuss it. So far, we’ve discussed Michael Sandel’s talk on meritocracy, Susan Cain’s talk on introversion, and Brené Brown’s talk on vulnerability. The class includes quite a […]

Winter Lecture Series

Each year, the McLaughlin Garden in South Paris, Maine teams up with the Foothills Garden Club (of which I am a member) to sponsor a series of garden lectures in February and March. Just when we are growing tired of winter, but when spring is still many weeks away, the Winter Lecture Series provides us […]

Escape to the Dales

During the past six weeks, I’ve been escaping regularly to the Yorkshire Dales, courtesy of the new British remake of All Creatures Great and Small. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’ve become addicted to the program. I originally intended to tune in each Sunday night to watch that week’s episode […]